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We specialize in breeding "The Quiet Chihuahua"

Updated January 26, 2011. After one year long break, we are back! Now then, so are our perfect tiny and beautiful puppies. Our first available litter in more than 17 months will be ready February 9th and just in time for Valentines Day! Price is set at $450, your choice male or female. New pictures posted...

EL CAJON, CA. 92020
Call (619) 201-9318 or email
  • Please read the "Fine Print" page to find out about what we offer and what is required, in terms of adopting a puppy from SDC
Contact us for details on a specific puppy if we have any listed at the time of your inquiry. Thank you.

Solid white smooth coat female

Breeders Pick of litter

Available February 9th. $200 non refundable deposit required to hold.




Solid white double coated female.

Available February 9th. Required $200 non refundable deposit to hold. Will grow to about 4 lbs matured.

Tri colored double coated male

Available February 9th. Required $200 non refundable deposit to hold.



Puppy Sizes and Photos

Keep in mind when looking at our pictures, they are taken close up and personal. Though you can see every detail about the puppy, this makes the pups appear to be larger than what they actually are. If you need size references taken with your puppy, We are happy to oblige, just ask. We encourage you to visit with us & see for your self size, health and temperament... with an appointment of course.

Price Reduction Adoption Program

About our special price adoption program

We lower our prices one to two times a year, depending on the number of litters available. Why? Because I believe that anyone with a sound mind, the desire and the ability to care for a small dog, who wants to experience the joys (and butt pains) of these little giant's should have that opportunity to do so, regardless of his social or economic background. You can buy a pup locally from the Penny Saver or news paper but you usually don't get a registration, any type of guarantee or after adoption support. We offer all this and more for the same adoption price, but only a couple times a year. If you have missed it in previous years, were sorry, but do keep checking. I expect to start a new program sometime in early summer. If you are interested in joining our always forming waiting list... please fill out our contact sheet and shoot to us by email. the sooner you submit the higher up on the list you get....

Why don't we keep the prices low all the time? Because we need to care for the dogs that are here with us all the time too. It cost us quite a bit to maintain our dogs to the standard required for breeding and general health. We don't just throw two dogs together and see what comes out. We take extra care with each and every gene the dog has to offer.

We breed from standard (6 Lbs) and smaller (2.75 Lbs) give or take.
We would love for everyone to be able to see what can be accomplished with a plethora of genetic knowledge and good old fashioned experience.

You're Peace of Mind

Please note:

All our puppies are guaranteed in writing against internal genetic abnormalities for two years from purchase date. If for any reason your puppy is not genetically healthy or develops complications due to an internal congenital defect within the two years, I will replace that puppy free of charge. This includes heart, liver, lungs, intestines or stomach. I do not include a guarantee against parasites. All dogs are born with parasites and may need a couple more wormings after he or she goes home with you. I will provide current vaccinations and worming history upon purchase. All our puppies are vaccinated between 8 and 14 weeks old (depending on size) and are wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 weeks.

Vaccinations are optional. We do not charge more with them and do not offer discounts without them. However we do offer a 5 day virus free guarantee for all our babies, with or without booster vaccs...

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